How a Glass Table Top Can enlarge the Life of Your Furniture

Dining Room Chair Covers - How a Glass Table Top Can enlarge the Life of Your Furniture

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How a Glass Table Top Can enlarge the Life of Your Furniture

Many of us invest in quality pieces of furniture for our homes and offices that are intended to last a lifetime. The reality for most is that normal wear and tear and scratches and dents are virtually unavoidable. But are they really?

What I said. It just isn't the conclusion that the actual about Dining Room Chair Covers. You look at this article for facts about anyone need to know is Dining Room Chair Covers.

Dining Room Chair Covers

A glass table top is a tried and tested way to protect wood furniture. It adds a tough, durable layer that doesn't overshadow the wood. Instead of furniture looking tired and shabby five years down the track, a glass table top keeps furniture looking just as fresh as the day you bought it.

A Glass Table Top From The 21st Century

There have been many advances in glass table tops and glass shelving manufacturing over the past few years. No longer does the glass look like a thick obtrusive piece of material. Glass tops and glass shelving these days are thin, clear, and streamlined. The fabricate direction dictates that a glass is virtually imperceptible and serves to enhance the wood not disguise it.

With this new technology meaning that glass tops blend in with your furniture, you could develop the uses of the table top to sideboards, dressing tables, desks, coffee tables and other other wood furniture in need of protecting.

Protection From Harsher materials

The main purpose of a glass top is protection. Because wood is an organic material, it is plainly pliable and quite soft in comparison to harsher manmade materials. This means that daily items such as bowls, plates, staplers, and paperclips, can all leave wood furniture dented and scratched.

The advantage of protecting wood furniture from scratches and dents is that you don't need to pay for expensive re-surfacing every few years. Short of covering your wood table in a brilliant table top, a glass top is itself quite scratch resistant. This will mean that it will be many years before you need to replace the glass.

Child-Friendly Tables

Kids are a great part of everyone's life, but they do have a knack at testing their creative genius on the things that we don't want them to. No matter how many sheets of paper you put on the play table, it seems that crayons and markers look much better on the table itself! An easy and inexpensive way to fix this is to install a glass top on the play table. Being glass, markers, paint and crayons come right off. For stubborn marks, harsher chemicals can be used on glass than on wood.

Bring Out The Best Of Your Wood

An added advantage to putting glass tops on your furniture is that it as a matter of fact enhances the look of the wood finish. Just like a glossy computer screen can make colors more vivid, a glass table top makes your wood grain appear richer and glossier. This can have a sure impact on the perceived value of your furniture as it can make lower quality wood grains appear more luxurious.

Whichever way that you look at it, a glass table top is a great speculation for longer continuing furniture.

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