Wedding Table Linens 101

Dining Room Chair Covers - Wedding Table Linens 101

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Wedding Table Linens 101

Planning Your Wedding:

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Dining Room Chair Covers

When you are planning your wedding... The biggest event of your life, think the many possibilities available to you for your wedding table linens, be sure to explore well if you are considering using thorough round white tablecloths, keep in mind that you can also use tablecloths with vibrant and intelligent colors and make a dramatic statement, colored tablecloths are commonly the same price as thorough white table linens.

The size of your tablecloths and napkins will of course depend on the size of your table. Dressing your tables with gorgeous table linens is the most dramatic way to change the milieu of your event space and make a personal statement with elegance, style, and color.

Never buy table linens with Serged Hems:... Unless you want to carry an iron down the aisle... Serged hems will curl up and look awful, and they will fray when laundered, and I personally think they look cheap, always buy table linens with "folded and stitched" hems.

Will the event planner, caterer, hotel or venue, provide the tablecloths?:

Sometimes wedding planners, caterers, or reception venues will provide thorough "House Linens" as part of a box deal. Some will repayment part of your cost if you choose not to use their house linens, you may want to use theirs if they have "exactly" what you want in the color and size. The hospitality commerce calls these table linens "house linens" or "full tablecloth" when used alone, and "under cloth" or "table liner" when a table runner or table topper is used for accent.

Will the tablecloths reach the floor?:

The critical request concerning tablecloths is what will the "drop" be, meaning the whole of tablecloth that hangs over the edge of the table. Most population at weddings and events like to see the tablecloths touch the floor, but some prefer a half-way "drop". As tablecloths can be too long and bunch under the table but it is far good for them to be too long than to be too short. Check out a table linen sizes guide and keep in mind if your event allocation is an issue in these difficult economic times shopping from online stores will give you the biggest table linens bang for your buck.

What are the most beloved wedding table linen colors?:

The most beloved wedding colors are white, black, ivory, burgundy, and chocolate, consult with your wedding planner or reception reception venue and choose table linen colors that work well in the room where you will be hosting the event. Make it a fun project and think creative ideas such as matching your bridesmaid's outfits with elements of the room decor, and don't forget to duplicate check your room size calculations with a Tablecloth Sizes Calculator and tablecloth sizes with a Tablecloth Sizes Chart.

When buying wedding table linens online are the table linen colors on most websites the exact colors I would receive if I buy them?:

Viewing exact linen colors on a computer screen is somewhat subjective as the exact color you see depends on your own computer monitor settings and your computer screen resolution, but for the most part the online color will be exactly or almost exactly what you will receive, commonly if there is a contrast it will be very minute and hardly noticeable. The best idea is to ask for fabric swatches in the colors you are interested in, or good still why not buy 1 tablecloth, runner or napkin so that you can exactly assess under the venue room lighting and make sure it's exactly the color you want, don't take chances, do your due diligence and you will have a flourishing event.

Event Venue Lighting:

It is wise to think any room lighting change that may occur during your event, many events begin when it's daylight and as the evening progresses galvanic lighting is switched on and this can color the room decor and in some cases can noticeably change the farranging milieu and style of the room, the degree of change depends on the type of lighting so be sure to consult with your wedding planner or the reception venue staff, and if possible go to the reception venue and check it out for yourself.

Table runners or full length tablecloths?:

If your wedding planner or reception venue will be providing tablecloths it is economy to just buy a suitable table runner. However, if no tablecloths are provided then you will need to buy both a tablecloth and the table runner or buy a full floor length tablecloth for each table. It is not just a matter of allocation but also of having the "right look". Some population prefer the layered two tablecloth style while others prefer the flat style of one tablecloth. Both ways are definite it's purely a matter of taste and style.

How many population will fit at each table?:

The thorough table sizes for event tables are 60 inch round tables that seat 8 guests comfortably and 10 guests not so comfortably. 72 inch round tables seat 10 to 12 guests. Ideally you seat to the lower whole at the table but sometimes guest ease can be sacrificed for other reasons, mabey a group of colleagues or sisters may all want to sit together and they would rather be seated together than separated, or sometimes it depends on the size of the event room and the whole of guests, each time you add a table you will add an supplementary table centerpiece and tablecloth. 160 population seated at 60 inch round tables can be whether 16 tables of 10 guests or 20 tables of 8 guests. Sometimes the reception venue will only have one size table available or a set configuration of tables due to the room size and layout. The most important thing is to make your guests as comfortable as possible with the tables and space you have available.


When choosing napkins be sure the napkin fabric is heavy sufficient to hold a fold and will be absorbent. 100% visa polyester fabric is a good selection for weddings and catering events, most are stain resistant and wrinkle free.

Wedding Chair Covers and Sashes:

The chairs at your reception venue may be suitable, however, if the chairs are unsuitable think using chair covers. Wedding chair covers and sashes are available in a collection of colors and styles and may no ifs ands or buts solve any question with the chairs. Make sure the chair covers you want no ifs ands or buts fit the chairs your going to use and do you need folding chair covers or banquet chair covers.

Chairs and covers come in different sizes and do not always fit each other, it's good to find this out well before your event, also make sure the event caterer, planner, hotel or reception venue has the staff and have agreed to put the chair covers (and sashes) on and take them off after the event. The alternative to chair covers is to rent a good chair, there are a wide range of chair styles and costs fluctuating from a basic plastic folding chair or higher end white wood folding chairs to very expensive banquet chairs. Keep in mind that the venue's existing chairs will have to be removed and stored and also put back after your event so allow for this labor cost in your budget

Catering Buffets:

The catering buffet should always be styled with supplementary table linens. If the guest tables have upgraded linens then the buffet should be matched with the same or very similar style table linens. If you have plain house tablecloths on the guest tables then the catering buffet should be dressed with ornamental table linens that match with the room. The buffet is of course about the food on the menu, but it is also about the farranging presentation of the event room.

Gift Table Location:

The location of the gift table varies and the location will conclude the extent that it should be decorated. If it is in the main dining area then it should match or blend with the guest tables. If it's situated surface the main dining area then it should be dressed in a singular tablecloth with minimum decorations.

Head Table Decorations:

A head table if you choose to have one, should be decorated to a greater degree than the guest tables, at many weddings the bride and groom have specially decorated chairs dressed with flowers, garlands, or ribbons. Many couples choose to have chair sashes with names embroidered to keep as a keepsake of the wedding.

Cocktail Table Linens:

Make a Big statement immediately with the decor in the cocktail area by choosing a tablecloth that is bright, vibrant, elegant and an understated preview of the dining room, or for more adventurous tastes, decorate in direct contrast to the dining room decor. If the cocktail and dining areas are visible to each other the wedding table linens should be matched in style and color. When all the pieces are put together the main room should yield the "Oohs" and "Aahs" that you deserve to hear when the doors are opened to welcome your guests.

You should have strong statements from your flower arrangements and the tablecloths that can be seen from a distance, and also in the napkins and favors that will be enjoyed by your guests after they are seated.

The Cake Table Setting and Location:

Cake tables are commonly a small round table everywhere from 30" inches (2 1/2ft) wide to 48" inches (4ft) in diameter. Although it should be well decorated your cake table does not need to be decorated too much so as to detract from the cake itself. The cake table tablecloth can be a minute shorter as most cake tables need to be no ifs ands or buts portable and they almost always have wheels for this purpose.

Place Card Table Setting and Location:

Place card tables are commonly situated set in the reception venue lobby or in the cocktail area and they provide a good chance to do a singular tablecloth that whether matches the place cards or something no ifs ands or buts special such as a large flower bouquet arrangement, but be sure that it does not appear "too busy or loud" or disturbs the natural layout of the place cards.

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