The Value of antique Grandfather Clocks

Dining Room - The Value of antique Grandfather Clocks

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The Value of antique Grandfather Clocks

These days, everything from ovens to telephones silently mark the minutes in glowing red and green letters, rendering the "tick tock" of the mechanical clock increasingly unnecessary. Digital clocks might be more convenient and accessible, but they will never hold our affection the way a good old-fashioned round-faced clock does.

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Dining Room

Antique grandfather clocks are not collected for their time-keeping ability, they are a treasured piece of history, an heirloom to pass down to hereafter generations. These superior timepieces are part of our lives, our homes, our families even. They are decorations and sometimes act as the institute focal point of a room.

Antique clocks from the mid 1600s still exist. Some of these are worth well over ,000. Some extremely rare models are worth over 0,000. A wise consumer, before spending this type of money, would have any prospective clock appraised before purchase.

These always in vogue treasures are available at flea markets, estate sales, local auctions, and straight through newspaper ads. Ancient grandfather clocks can also sometimes be found at online auction sites. To be positive of a clock's authenticity, you should only buy from a trusted and reputable seller. Read any listing thought about to ensure that the product you are buying is truly an antique. In expanding to online auctions, established auction houses hold auctions for Ancient grandfather clocks, although these may happen only twice a year.

Antiques are a important purchase, and should not be taken lightly. When buying an Ancient grandfather clock, there are some things to consider:

oDoes the seller offer any certify of authenticity?

oWhat is the total price of the clock? Be sure to outline in shipping charges, tax, financing charges, etc.

oWhat is the clock's condition? Obviously, a clock in excellent health is considerably more important than one that is in poor form. A clock with all of its original components intact is worth more than one that has been restored.

oWhat are your intentions for the clock? If you intend to sell the clock, you need to find it at the absolute lowest price so that you can make a profit. On the other hand, if you are buying the clock purely for enjoyment, you might not be as concerned about original components, identifying marks, etc.

oHow much is the clock no ifs ands or buts worth in today's market. Knowledge of modern sales of similar clocks is extremely helpful in choosing how much to pay for a clock. If you do not have this knowledge, you should have a professional, unbiased estimation done.

For those desiring the look of Ancient grandfather clocks without the hefty price tag, reproductions are available.

No matter how ubiquitous and prevalent digital clocks become, a stately grandfather clock will all the time have a place in our hearts--and our homes.

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