Decorating With Benches Indoors

DINING ROOM CHAIR COVERS - Decorating With Benches Indoors

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Typically when you think of benches you think of benches at parks, dug out benches at baseball games and orchad benches in the garden. But what about the idea of incorporating outdoor benches inside your home. Benches used in your home can be a exact plus. Using benches in a unique way undoubtedly gives character and personality to your space. They right away give you more seating and more placement options because they are lighter than a typical sofa or love seat. Benches are so versatile they can be used in your indoor space many different ways.

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1. Kitchens, breakfast areas, and Dining Rooms

I've seen benches used in breakfast areas near windows or in big kitchens that have window nooks. They make instant window seats which undoubtedly can help your budget because they can mimic window seat functionality without the cost of having one built in. A cast iron Midas Regal bench would be a perfect choice. They are quaint and cozy when you add throw pillows and cushions for comfort. These seating locations make it easy to grab the morning newspaper and curl up with a hot cup of coffee before heading out the door. Benches have also come to be fashionable for kitchen nooks and nearby dining tables in place of chairs. They allow more seating and clever create imaginings for the home owner.

2. Foyers, Mudrooms and Entry ways

Of course foyers, mudrooms and entry ways are an safe bet selection for benches since everybody needs to sit down to take shoes, coats and other items off. They are charming and delightful in these spaces because they are the introduction to your home, so why not make a statement. By adding a teak bench, popular ,favorite pillows and bolsters along with proper storehouse for your items, you can add create pizazz in these entry ways.

3. Bedrooms and Bathroom areas

Bedrooms can come to be the ideal place for your benches. Think using one in a more former place, like at the end of the bed. A backless bench with a custom cushion to match the decor of your bedroom would be a nice touch. Be creative and add a bench under a window like a window seat. Bathrooms can have a special place for benches. An Old French Tulip Love seat or Ivy Aluminum Love Seat would be heavenly in front of a vanity. Place one near the bath tub as a sitting area before and after you enter the bath. These benches would undoubtedly assist families with elderly and aged adults.

4. Florida Rooms and Covered/Screened in porches

You can't forget how gorgeous Florida rooms and other porch areas can be with the touch of benches. Try white cast iron benches in place of a sofa and love seat. Decorate them with soft floral patterns or pastels such as periwinkle or pale green seat cushions. Add floral and striped throw pillows, with a white washed coffee table in in the middle of and these benches can bring an English bungalow feel to your space. A strong sturdy teak bench would be perfect for your front porch or screened in porch areas. Natural and elegant teak can bring a more rustic arrival to your porch area. Use this bench as your focal point and surround it with smaller chairs and side tables along with autumn color pillows for a lived in country look.

Benches offer so much more than just extra seating; they can bring charm to a bathroom or bedroom, sophistication to a Florida room and cozy, relaxed ease to a kitchen or foyer area. Anything you choose, you and your family will enjoy them for many years and will not be disappointed.

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