The History of G Plan Furniture

DINING ROOM CHAIR COVERS - The History of G Plan Furniture

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During the Second World War, Great Britain was field to rationing on a lot of valuable and luxury items. As not many citizen could afford furniture, in 1943 the Board of Trade set up a project to limit the type of furniture on sale, and therefor keep the cost of buying furniture down also. Only a small amount of designs were ready and they were very straightforward and came only in oak or mahogany. The project prolonged right up until 1952, when consumers began to query more modern furniture, and more option on establish and materials

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The Rise of G Plan Furniture

In 1953, E Gomme Ltd came up with the idea of G Plan Furniture, which was a range of modern finding furniture that would cover the entire house, but that could be bought over time to make it easier on the pocket. Designs came out and stayed ready for any years so citizen could take their time and fill a room with matching furniture, and do it in a time frame that excellent their own personal budget restraints. So they could, for example, buy a dining table and chairs one year, and get a matching cabinet and bookshelf for the same room a year later.

Doris Gundry of the J Walter Thompson Advertising division coined the name G Plan and her firm helped sell the idea through adverts in cinemas and magazines. Showrooms were also set up where members of the collective could walk nearby and see how the furniture might look in their homes before they started buying pieces. As well as nationwide showrooms, the 'G Plan Gallery' was set up in Vogue House, Hanover quadrilateral in London to allow possible customers to see what offers and designs were currently available.

Competition for the G Plan

G Plan furniture was so prosperous that it made E Gomme one of the largest manufacturers in the commerce and helped them growth their profits six fold between 1952 and 1958. A incorporate of years later, the British government introduced laws that restricted hire purchase and the company also saw increased competition from furniture arrival from Denmark. In response to this, Gomme released a Danish modern range of G Plan furniture which unfortunately made the rest of their products look dated. This resulted in them losing their important position in the shop though they prolonged to be very prosperous within the industry.

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