Home Decorating Ideas Using These 7 Types of Faux Finishes

DINING ROOM CHAIR COVERS - Home Decorating Ideas Using These 7 Types of Faux Finishes

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I love to paint, remodel and redo. Painting is the quickest fix to any decorating project when you just want a change. Normally when I redo a house I like to fix the nail hole in the walls with a itsybitsy spackel and a itsybitsy sanding.

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Fill the nail holes or any other imperfections and lightly sand for a good finding finish. You should also add primer over the newly sanded places before you paint.Now you are ready to paint so lets talk about your options. If you have a real smooth wall to work with you may just want to add a coat or two of paint. If you have some imperfections in your room that you want to cover up you may want to go with a more attractive paint project.

Faux painting is back. There was a time when this kind of painting technique was generally used in group places or commercial buildings. In the 1980's and 1990's faux painting made a come back as wallpaper became less desirable to use. Many faux painting projects are straightforward sufficient for a beginner. There are a number of places to get data on how to do faux painting including the internet,the library and how to videos.Below I will list just a few of the types of faux finishes you have to pick from.

1. Marbleizing. There is nothing any more beautiful than marble. You can add it to any different places. It is very beautiful to add to and old dresser top for a very impressive look that looks like real marble.

2. "Trick the eye" in French, is a painting technique used in murals that looks real, and can be used to generate architectural details. This can be used to paint something on the wall such as a window that's legitimately not there.

3. Venetian plaster is one of the most popular and primary plaster decorations.It has a smooth discontinue and will fit into any institute theme.

4. Color wash is a discontinue that creates a disagreement of color using any hues of glaze mixed together with a paint brush.

5. Suede Technique is beautiful but it is one of the more developed types of faux painting. This type of discontinue looks legitimately good in a dining room. I have also seen it in a home office and it shows nothing but class.

6. Rag painting or ragging is a glazing technique using twisted or waded up rags to generate a textural pattern. This look is good in any room in your home.

7. Combing Technique is where you paint the wall with a base coat and let it dry before applying a top coat. After the top coat is applied you will take a rubber brush and comb down the walls to form a pattern. This technique looks especially good in a room that you may want to add a chair rail to. I like to take the comb and make the lines a itsybitsy wiggly and it shows that it has been handed painted.

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