What Fabrics Work Best With Queen Anne Chairs?

DINING ROOM CHAIR COVERS - What Fabrics Work Best With Queen Anne Chairs?

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Queen Anne chairs flourished in the reign of Queen Anne of England, sometime from 1702 to 1714. The chair is rather easy and shows a stark incompatibility to the Baroque style and the taste of Louis Xiv. The two were characterized by very lavish decoration and carvings. Actually, this type of furniture is styled simply. Its appeal comes from its S-curves, scallop, and scrolls.  Craftsmen of these chairs prioritized beautiful, sleek lines over intricate details. This style was born under the rule of Queen Anne but it continued to grow under the reign of George I and throughout the walnut wood period.

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The most renowned feature of Queen Anne chairs is the legs. Its cabriole legs are well-proportioned, solid, and have a strong sweep to its curve. The legs are shaped in an S-Curve, which is referred to as The Line of beauty by William Hogarth. In the earlier versions of this chair, there used to be a stretcher attached to the legs. However, the modern version of the chair substituted it with heavier legs. The cabriole legs also have carved knee.

The simplicity of Queen Anne chairs often call for the usage of fabrics and textiles for ornamentation. Most these chairs are upholstered nowadays for added relax and padding, especially at the back. Queen Anne winged chairs are favorite fixtures in the fireplace, living room, and dining room because of the warmth and relax that they provide. You can use distinct kinds of textiles for covering this furniture.

For dining chairs, ready-made covers are the best so you can convert it every time food and drinks spill. Ready-made covers are also favorable to those who like to entertain a lot of guests because covers can be changed frequently. Since the dining area is one of the busiest rooms in the house, the fabric used should have a high rub test. The rub test indicates the durability of the fabric with constant usage. Dining room chairs and headboards can administrate with a rub test of 30,000.

For this type of style of chairs in the living room, heavier cushion must be used. Leather is a good option but it absorbs heat quickly. Fabrics like chenille, tweed, damask, tapestry, and suede work best for living room chairs because they're thick, rich, and durable. Opt for blended cushion fabrics because natural fabrics suck up stains fast.

Dress up your Queen Anne chairs to your liking but don't forget to consider the durability and the maintenance of the fabrics that you use.

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