How to Use Camouflage Rugs in Home Decor

DINING ROOM CHAIR COVERS - How to Use Camouflage Rugs in Home Decor

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When you think of redecorating, where does your mind first go? Painting the walls? Adding some wallpaper? Getting new bedding?

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How often do you think about redecorating your floor?

You may think that would want too much effort: tearing up and replacing carpet, or getting rid of linoleum to lay down tile. But that's not so! Just adding a camouflage rug to the decor can spruce up your popular area. Here are some tips for using rugs in your camo decor.

Do I have to start with my rug, or end with it?

Really, it can go whether way. Some experts say you should pick your rug out first; others say you should save it for last. If you've found a camouflage rug that you indeed love, it's perfectly fine to build the room around it. A good rug can indeed tie a room together.

Indoors and outdoors

With the weather getting warmer, you'll be spending as much time outdoors as you will be indoors. Add a camouflage rug to your popular outdoor area -- whether it's a back porch or a dock out at the lake. Just make sure that it's weather-resistant if you're going to leave it outdoors all year round.

Camouflage rugs and carpet

Most population think of hard floors, like wood or tile, when they think of adding rugs. However, you can still rock a camouflage rug on carpet! As long as the carpet is fairly low-pile, you can put your rug wherever you'd like.

A rug can add a splash of color to the floor, or help to section off an area of the room without adding a bodily divider. If you're worried about the rug sliding on carpet, anchor it with furniture, or use double-sided tape to gather it.


If your camouflage rug is too large, it will make the room look small. If it's too small, it won't fit well with your room. A good rule of thumb is to get a rug two feet shorter than the shortest wall of your room. So, if your room is 8 ft. X 10 ft., you would look for a rug that was 6 feet long.

If you're using the rug to section off an area of the room, make sure it's large adequate to cover the area, included the front third to half of the furniture. If it's in the dining room, the rug needs to be large adequate to not just hold the table, but all the chairs when they're pulled out (which means an extra 18 to 24 inches).

These tips should be adequate to get you started on the road to rug happiness. Happy decorating!

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