10 Things to Do and Make With Wipeable Tablecloths

DINING ROOM CHAIR COVERS - 10 Things to Do and Make With Wipeable Tablecloths

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1. Play Mat

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Paints, glue, glitter... All of these things have a magical petition for children, but can leave busy mums even more frazzled when they are left with a horrible mess to clear up afterwards. Wipeable tablecloths are waterproof, so no glue or paint will seep straight through to the carpeting or flooring below, production them the perfect floor mat for all kinds of craft activities.

2. Outdoor Cushions

If you have outdoor furniture such as rattan chairs, adding some cushions is a great way to create a comfortable orchad seating area for summer. Indoor cushions, however, would rot if left out in all types of weather, so rather than having to all the time remember to bring your cushions back inside with you, sew some easy quadrilateral cushions from pvc tablecloths and you can leave them covering all year-round.

3. Apron

You do not need any sewing skills to make a fantastic, wipe clean apron from your old plastic tablecloths. Simply cut out an apron shape, punch holes at the top and sides, and then tie on ribbons that will go colse to your neck and waist to hold the apron in place. You will look very chic, and you will keep your clothes clean too.

4. Shelf Liners

Simply cut your old plastic tablecloths to size and you have pretty, wipe clean liners for all your shelves and drawers.

5. Kite

If your tablecloth fabric is on the thin side it will be perfect to use to make a kite for your children. Craft a strong, diamond-shaped frame from wood, plastic or metal and securely tie the vinyl fabric onto it. Add a length of strong ribbon or string and voilĂ , a pretty and low-cost kite the kids will love to play with when it is windy.

6. Shower Curtain

Wipeable tablecloths are waterproof, which makes them perfect for turning into shower curtains. Simply hem the ends, punch quarterly spaced holes along the top and hang from your shower rail. If you are unable to find a shower curtain you like, you can even buy Pvc tablecloths for this purpose, rather than needing to use old ones.

7. High Chair Mat

Babies love to make a mess with their food, and cleaning the floor after every meal is a time-consuming task. Simply pop an old tablecloth under the high chair, and any food or drink spills can be wiped clean in seconds, whilst protecting the wood or carpeting below from stains.

8. Picnic Blanket

If you replace your tablecloth there is no need to throw the old one away. Simply roll it up and store it in a cupboard, then when summer comes colse to you have a perfectly sized, easy-to-clean and waterproof blanket for all those lovely picnics in the park.

9. Chair Covers

For those who love to sew, buy extra tablecloth fabric to match the piece you will unmistakably use on the table, and turn the rest into matching chair covers. This will protect the chairs from spills too, as well as wholly transforming the look and feel of your dining room.

10. Raincoat

Another one for those with sewing skills, wipeable tablecloths with a funky pattern are the perfect fabric to turn into a fashionable rain coat that will keep you dry and beloved throughout the April showers.

These are just some of the many things that you can make or do with wipeable tablecloths. Why not turn your old plastic tablecloths into a baby changing mat or a string of colourful bunting for a birthday party? Pvc Tablecloths can even be used as wallpaper in the kitchen or playroom, for a look that is totally unique, and cheap to replace if it ever gets damaged. I am sure that you can think of many more creative ways to use tablecloth fabric, it just takes a tiny bit of imagination.

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