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The interior of a bistro is approximately as leading as the food being served. Patrons won't continue to dine in a bistro where the furniture is worn or so out of touch with the climate of the bistro as to be distracting. Many restaurants use their furniture and décor as a marketing tool, a lovely dining room that is warm and tantalizing is bound to attract customers.

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There are many aspects to consider while choosing on bistro furniture, one of which is what it is made of. Tables and chairs can be found that are made of wood, aluminum, bamboo, steel and more. The decision should be based on the allembracing scheme of the room and should blend well.

Restaurant furniture found should be one that is current and yet will still be fashionable in years to come. bistro furniture designs should be functional and tantalizing to the eye. It should also be expandable should enterprise flourish. Trying to match bistro furniture when the pattern has been discontinued is not a pleasant task and sometimes cannot be accomplished.


The dining room's décor should be based on the menu theme. For example, one would expect to see marine items and marine décor in a seafood restaurant, not multi-colored sombreros and Mexican memorabilia. After choosing on a theme for the restaurant, furniture should be chosen that complements the theme.

Restaurant furniture should be sturdy and able to withstand heavy use. Notice should be give to the type of clientele the bistro expects. Families tend to have more children and put a lot of wear and tear on furniture. An upscale bistro can pick furniture that is more luxurious than other restaurants.


Not only should the material that the furniture made of be considered, the material that covers the seats and the table tops should be looked at. The seat cushion material should be washable and easy to clean; it should also have a built-in stain protector to forestall stains from setting in to the material.

Seat cushions should be kept in good condition. Should tears occur, and they will with time, they should be replaced or repaired to keep the dining room fresh and inviting.

Table tops should be scratch unyielding or have a glass or poly top cover to forestall damage to the wood. If a face is not chosen the bistro should have the wood tops sealed to forestall damage from liquids and hot plates.

Choosing bistro furniture should be approached much like furnishing a home. It should be warm and tantalizing and show off the personality of the restaurant. It should be durable and functional, built to last and yet replaceable should the need arise.

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