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DINING ROOM CHAIR COVERS - simply Bats Don't Live Inside

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Bats has an prominent part in nature here in Maine, they eat bugs. Springtime here is a hellish time for the mud and bug season. The locals call them our state bird. I don't care how much bug repellant or what kind, the bugs are unyielding to all chemicals. So most people have whether some sort of poultry or bat houses so they can eat the bugs.

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The only thing I can say about bats that they don't belong in the house. I can remember as a child at my grandparent's house if you opened the attic door in the summer bats would fly out. Which everybody would scream and chase it with a broom until you caught it or killed it. Not sure why everybody screamed but they did.

At our house I have a big spotlight in the front yard. I like it because at night when I am here alone I absolutely find it comforting and it is helpful when I am hunting for skunks. I never imagined that there was a negative supervene to my popular spotlight.

Usually at night after the kids go to bed I stay up a minute while and read a book. So there I am all cuddled up in bed happily reading my book when something flies into my room and circles colse to and flies right back out. Well sometimes the spotlight attracts huge moths, so I am telling myself, Yes that was a absolutely big moth. So I tried to put it out of my mind, I didn't want to think about it. I continued reading and it flew back into my room inches away from my face, this was no moth, it was a bat. Well the last thing I am going to do is scream and wake up the whole house. I try calling my husband, to get some advice on what I need to do, of procedure when I need him the most no answer. So I go upstairs and wake up my oldest son Louie and tell him what is going on. We both have no clue as what to do, I try calling my husband again and he answered. He told me to get a broom and try to knock him down so we can put him outside. Well that sounds easy enough, doesn't it? So we were both armed with brooms searching the house, no luck. We can't find him anywhere. We sit in the living room in the dark waiting. I should go upstairs and check the other kid's rooms too. My daughter was asleep with her bedspread outside her head. So she must have seen it and hid under her blankets before falling asleep.

We searched for someone else hour and nothing. I am tired but I don't want to go back to bed if it is still in the house.

My other choice was to find our cat Smokey. She has caught so many unwanted pests, I'm sure she would be able to find it. She was asleep in the dining room chair. At this point she was about to give birth any day now and she was huge. The same cat now that only could walk a few steps and flop down on the floor and rest a few minutes before trying to get into the other room. I patted Smokey and told her to wake up. She opened her eyes and looked at me like "What now?" Smokey I say in all emergency Wake up, we need you.

Smokey gets up off her chair and starts walking colse to and the next thing I know she is running full tilt up stairs to the spare bedroom. We supervene in close pursuit. The bat is development a funny noise, so we close the door and wait. A high pitch noise from the bat and a lot of growling Smokey's part. We wait until we hear no sounds at all and open the door. Smokey sitting by the dead bat waiting for her praise, which she received.

I always could depend on Smokey; she was that kind of cat. She would supervene me on long walks out back and my protector in the house, what more could I ask for?

Well what bothered me was how did that bat get into the house? My husband left the house at night it must have flown in the door when he was leaving. I called my husband to tell him how he let the bat in the house. He told he there was no way that could have happened there has to be someone else way into the house. Great, any way the bat got in may have friends and others will find there way in to the house.

My husband came back from his trip and was in the kitchen late at night and he heard a noise in the wood stove. A lot of rustling and banging around. He open the door just a crack and a bat was sitting right there. The bats were following the moths down the chimney and the bats were advent out of the damper. So my husband had to wake me up to tell me my brainless flood light was the blame. So now I close all dampers once heating season is over and no more bat problems.

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