An Apartment in Florence

DINING ROOM CHAIR COVERS - An Apartment in Florence

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On a modern business/pleasure trip to Florence, my wife and I chose,or at least she persuaded me to pick room in a self catered Florence apartment rather than a hotel. The location was very central allowing us to walk from the train station, just 300 meters away.We had caught the train from Rome where we live, as it takes only one hour and forty five minutes and saves the stress of driving.

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We walked to the apartment in Via Rondinelli, just around the corner from Via Tornabuoni, the most elegant street of Florence, paramount for its luxury brand shops.

When we met the owner Gianluca at the apartment, the first thing we noticed were the marvelous primary rich Fresco's outside the high ceilings, in the scholar bedroom and the living room, which looked like they were new - freshly painted. Any way we were very surprised when he informed us that he had taken down the false ceilings while the refurbishment,uncovering, purely by opening these magnificent works secret since the 1940's. Apparently that's when apartment owners were lively away from the ornate typical Florentine influences towards contemporary uncomplicated lines; we were amazed.

Today of course,it is exactly the opposite, all that has changed back,thank god and the small exclusive city of Florence is again concentrating on retaining and improving the marvelous history of Florence, production the city what it was and what it is today - like no other city on earth.

This was also clear as Gianluca was showing us around this marvelous fully refurbished apartment; all the contemporary amenities were there including Wi-Fi and satellite Tv, Any way the furnishings, the floors, the bathrooms and the all over look of the apartment although all newly restored and refurnished, seemed to sustain the typical Florentine flavor and aged warmth.

The craftsmen of Florence still exist today and have fortunately inherited their skills over generations, which is why new apartment refurbishments do not spoil the charm of the aged buildings. The aged wooden tables and chairs have been expertly restored.

We unpacked and relaxed, checked our e-mail, then went to witness the surrounding area.

All the paramount landmarks were close by like, The Cathedral, Battistero, The Giotto Bell-tower, Santa Maria Novella Church, Signoria Palace, The Old Bridge, Uffizi and Pitti Palace were all within walking distance, from our Florence apartment ,though on this trip we only had time to visit Uffizi; the paramount Medici house landmark,a marvelous building dedicated to the history of the Medici families secret art collection,dating back as far as the 1200's.

The Uffizi is all the time a must see; paintings and sculptures by many great masters, Leonardo Da Vinci and Botticelli to name just two.

We chose a homely restaurant called Spada just a few minutes from our apartment for lunch, which was delicious; some proscuitto and buffalo mozzarella cheese followed by riboletta an old Tuscan dish; soup made with vegetables and bread accomplished off in the oven. The small jug of house wine was a must to accompany the meal.

We decided that lunch and the Uffizi was a big sufficient day and we did not want to go out to an additional one restaurant that evening.

There was a fully qualified kitchen in the apartment, but no one felt like cooking, so we picked up a few tasty bits and pieces at one of the primary Italian delis on the way back to the apartment; some salami, fresh bread and some perfect cheeses.Local Tuscan food is hard to beat.

We also bought a Dvd (there was a player in the apartment ) and decided to relax,with the tasty local Tuscan food and a bottle of wine which Gianluca had welcomed us with on check in.

As soon as we entered the apartment with our supplies,ready to decree in,although we had only spent an hour or so there previously,we were "home", this was it, the We had  left the heating  on,at a perfect 22 degrees, very cosy arrival in from the Florence December.

We didn't walk past a reception desk,we had our own keys, took our own lift to our own apartment on the first floor; no tip.

No one was going to knock on the door to ask if we wanted the bed "turned down" - once inside we could do as we pleased and as I walked into the apartment for the second time that day, I was unmistakably reasoning to myself that there is something about this style of apartment room that agrees with me, it's more welcoming, it's larger and easier: unmistakably less costly and it's peaceful.

We were unmistakably in control;our own home,even if it's temporary,being in this apartment in Florence feels good, like it's our own, something that not even a five star hotel could ever offer.

Jill my wife was checking her e-mail, I threw off my shoes, opened the wine and flopped on the couch, very relaxed.

In the morning we slept late, because we could, there was no hotel dining area downstairs that was serving morning meal until ten o'clock only and then you starve.

I brought my wife the mandatory cup of  in bed and we took our time getting ready, finding send to a real cappuccino and a hot wedge of superior "frittata" made with eggs, cheese and vegetables at Procacci, the paramount cafe, a landmark in Florence, located in the elegant Via Tornabuoni, unchanged since 1885, the cafes  facade and interior are exactly as they were, still serving the best food and wine. The cafe was bought by the Italian winery Antinori seven years ago, not only to sell wine, but also to safe and sustain this establishments history, like many do in Via Tornabuoni.

Locals and tourists alike come here for their breakfast, lunch snacks and a glass of wine in the evening, accompanied by small tartuffo rolls, simply tasty and something that only Procacci can do and are know for.

It was time to take the train back to Rome and as we were packing, my wife said to me"well we made the right decision yet again choosing an apartment". I tended to agree with her as I was quietly reasoning to myself, I am going to miss this place.

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