Setting Up Your First Home Together

DINING ROOM CHAIR COVERS - Setting Up Your First Home Together

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One of the things that a bride and groom need to think about is setting up their first home together. (Even if you live together before the wedding, keep reading - you may find some beneficial tips.) Not only do you have to find a place to live, but you need to think about what you will need to fill it.

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It is pretty rare these days that the bride or groom goes right from living with their parents to being married. Most citizen have spent some time living on their own, and therefore will already have some of the things that you need to set up a house. But before choosing that you are all set, take some time to rate what you nothing else but have. One scratched up old saucepot from your college days does not exactly constitute a well-appointed kitchen!

A good way to get the things that you will need for your first home is through the bridal registry. If you register at a group store or a place like pottery Barn, not only can you invite registry standards like bedding, towels, dishes, and stemware, but you can also register for some of the large items needed to make a beautiful home. No fellas, I am not talking about a flatscreen television! I am referring to items like sofas, chairs, and coffee tables. Now if they are very expensive, you may find that they go unpurchased, but there is all the time a chance that a few citizen could get together on one of the larger gifts, or the couple's parents might determine to give them furniture as a wedding gift.

One of the most beneficial things about a registry is that it soldiery you to sit down and see what you have and what you need. Even if you do not end up getting everything that you have requested, at least you will have an organized list to use in the future. Some places will also offer you a special discount to purchase any items remaining on the registry after your wedding, so even if you know that none of your guests will be buying you a dining room table, put it on the list anyway. That way, if you determine to buy it yourself after the wedding, you will save some money.

Beyond the basics, you will want to think about the things that will make your first place nothing else but feel like a home. Painting the walls is an uncostly and easy way to add character to a house. If you do not want to commit to a bold color, pick a subtle one like a soft warm gold, or a pale sage green. Neutrals can be safe without being boring.

Then it is on to the personal touches. Of course, you will want some of your wedding photos prominently displayed in your home. From there, the newlyweds can practice the fine art of compromise. For instance, the bride might agree to forgo surface their bed with her popular dolls and stuffed animals if the groom agrees to put his neon "Bud Light" sign into the yard sale. The key is to attack a balance, and originate an environment that is neither too feminine, nor too much like a frat house. That way, both citizen will feel comfortable there.

The first night that you spend in your new home together is a very big deal. It is worth planning something special for that night. Even if you end up eating a pizza while sitting on the absorbing boxes, try to make it romantic. Dig out a consolidate of the champagne flutes that you received as a wedding present (because everyone gets champagne flutes - I think my husband and I received about 24 of them!), and drink a toast to your new home and the start of your new life together. The groom can make the occasion extra memorable by surprising his new wife with a gift of jewelry to match her wedding set. Wedding jewelry gifts like an additional one ring to wear with her band, or a bangle to match her bridal earrings would be a very thoughtful and sweet gesture.

You will all the time remember your first home together as a married couple. Whether it is a big house in the suburbs or a tiny studio apartment in the city, it will be special because it is yours together. Put the attempt into making your home a relaxing oasis that you will both love to return to every night.

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